Armchair Scheduling: CBS Fall 2012

My predictions continue with TV’s highest rated network, CBS. In March, CBS issued a mass renewal announcement that included 15 of their current series. Still, they have a handful of bubble series that could be awarded atypical episode orders and a few buzz worthy pilots that could shake up the television landscape. Down below, I explore what their fall schedule may look like. Read more of this post


Armchair Scheduling: CBS Fall 2011

As I noted in my piece on FOX’s fall schedule, and Kelly Kahl (Senior Executive Vice President, CBS Primetime) stressed in a tweet last week, any armchair scheduling done this early is largely guesswork. Even still, people seemed to enjoy my post on FOX, so I plan to continue issuing my thoughts as @BigTVFan doles out his.

Last Wednesday, he posted some thoughts on how Kahl and his associates might shape CBS’ fall schedule. Be sure to read that HERE, and venture down below for mine. Read more of this post