Armchair Scheduling: The CW Fall 2012

The 2011-2012 season was a big one for The CW. Newly installed President Mark Pedowitz negotiated deals with both Netflix and Hulu to house CW content, and he made a concerted effort to limit the number of reruns on the network’s schedule by acquiring The LA Complex and ordering a handful of reality shows to fill out the summer schedule.

And yet, it’s hard not to look at this season as a failure for the network, which is down 14% year to year. After spending much of their promotional budget on Ringer, a pilot that CBS developed and discarded, they were forced to watch it open low and sink from there. Gossip Girl, once their flagship series, became their lowest rated scripted offering and the spring cycle of America’s Next Top Model was so poorly received that Tyra Banks chose to fire all those involved. In light of this, it’s easy to understand why Pedowitz ordered a record high 8 pilots with an eye towards giving as many as 6 of them the greenlight to series. Below, I try to sort out where your favorite CW shows will land of the network’s fall schedule. Read more of this post


Tip Of The Cap/Wag Of The Finger: 2011 In TV

When I posted my list of the Top 10 TV Shows of 2011 on Saturday, I mentioned that there was another TV post on the horizon, wherein I planned to discuss the shows that narrowly missed my list as well as some of the worst offerings from this past year. After a bit of debate, I decided that another list simply wouldn’t suffice. Instead, I’ve chosen to take the “tip of the cap/wag of the finger approach.” Those of you who read TV Guide should be familiar with the format, as they use it for their Cheers and Jeers column. If this style of commentary is one that you guys enjoy, let me know in the comment section, and I’ll try to make it a somewhat regular feature of the site. Read more of this post

The CW Might Have Sex In A Different City

When Sex and the City premiered on HBO in the summer of 1998, I was a 7 year old boy in a house without cable television. And, while I’d convinced my parents to subscribe to cable by the time it concluded its run in the winter of 2004, I still fell squarely outside of its target demographic. A few years back, I made a concerted effort to watch the show, because of its cultural impact. After consuming the first season, I put the show down and have never felt particularly compelled to revisit it. Likewise, I’ve made no effort to see either of the two feature films that have been produced. Read more of this post

Armchair Scheduling: The CW Fall 2011

It seems as though @BigTVFan has decided not to predict The CW’s fall schedule, which leaves that responsibility solely on my shoulders. Honestly, this was even easier to plot out than FOX, if only because The CW airs fewer programs than any of the other broadcast networks. Anyway, enjoy! Read more of this post

BET Playing A Different Game

When BET announced their plans to order original episodes of the failed CW sitcom The Game in April 2010, no one was particularly shocked. BET’s interest had been widely documented by media outlets, and syndicated reruns of the series had performed strongly for the network. More surprising was BET’s ability to retain the entire cast of the series and the services of its showrunner, given the nearly year long gap between The CW’s initial decision to cancel the show and their own renewal announcement.

On Tuesday night, The Game made its triumphant return, breaking several records in the process. Not only did The Game’s ratings improve, they more than quadrupled from the show’s 3rd season average. 7.7 million tuned in for the show’s basic cable debut, enough to make it the #1 Ad-Supported Sitcom Telecast in basic cable history. Moreover, the show ranked #2 overall for the 10pm hour, behind only CBS’ The Good Wife. This unprecedented turn events left many industry pundits,  myself included, scratching their heads. What does the success of The Game mean for television as a whole? Read more of this post