2011: A Year In Music

The slew of year end lists that tend to consume the internet never ceases to amuse me. Ranking art is in many ways a pointless exercise. My list of 2011’s best (insert art form here) will never be the same as yours. Still, as HitFix columnist Melinda Newman expressed in her Top Albums of 2011 piece, best of lists offer the opportunity to expose readers to music that they might not  have listened to otherwise.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve read upwards of twenty Best Albums of 2011 lists to familiarize myself with any albums that I might have missed during the calendar year. Some, like Wild Flag’s eponymous debut, P.J. Harvey’s Let England Shake, and Radiohead’s The King of Limbs garnered admiration from me more than adulation, which is why they don’t appear on my list. Others, like Common’s The Dreamer/The Believer, Robin Thicke’s Love and War and M83’s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming I simply didn’t get to sit with long enough to include.

The list below is reflective of my year in music. It features 40 terrific albums that I implore you to seek out, if you haven’t already. Remember, Spotify is your friend. Read more of this post


We Bought A Zoo: Worthy Of Awards Attention And Your Money

If you happen to follow the Oscar Derby as closely as I do, it helps to have a horse in the race. Obsessing over which 5-10 films the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters will select is significantly less interesting when you’re not rooting for a particular film. To give you a better idea of what I mean, I’ve included a brief list of the films I’ve campaigned for the last 5 years. Read more of this post

A Musing On Misogyny In Rap Music

Earlier this morning, Think Progress’ Alyssa Rosenberg posted an article accusing rapper Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) of blatant misogyny. In the piece, Ms. Rosenberg goes to great lengths to illustrate her point, citing several different songs and outlining the specific lines in those songs that she found most offensive. The evidence is all there, and yet I couldn’t help but disagree with the thesis of her piece. Read more of this post

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz Preview Once Upon A Time

The phrase “Once upon a time…” is a staple of most every childhood, but ABC is hoping that it can also become a staple of their Sunday night lineup. At 8pm tonight, the network will unveil Once Upon a Time, a drama from former Lost scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Last weekend, the duo took the stage at New York Comic Con to discuss the pilot, its genesis, and their plans for the series as a whole. Read more of this post

X-Factor Chooses Story Over Substance

Music is a subjective art form. I acknowledge this. I know it to be true. And yet, I can’t help but walk away from this evening’s X-Factor with a bitter taste in my mouth and a great amount of disdain for the producers (Simon included). Find out why after the jump. Read more of this post

What Can I Say About The Entourage Finale?

As I sit down to write this post, I’m struck by an overwhelming sense of grief brought about by both the fact that Entourage concluded it’s 7 year run this evening and how it did so. Even as many of the show’s diehard fans have turned on it over the last season and a half, I have continued to vehemently defend creator Doug Ellin and the decisions he’s made. But tonight, as the curtains were drawn on HBO’s second longest running series, I was left shaking my head. “The End” provided neither a satisfactory conclusion to this season’s story arcs nor an adequate conclusion to the series as a whole. Read more of this post

The CW Might Have Sex In A Different City

When Sex and the City premiered on HBO in the summer of 1998, I was a 7 year old boy in a house without cable television. And, while I’d convinced my parents to subscribe to cable by the time it concluded its run in the winter of 2004, I still fell squarely outside of its target demographic. A few years back, I made a concerted effort to watch the show, because of its cultural impact. After consuming the first season, I put the show down and have never felt particularly compelled to revisit it. Likewise, I’ve made no effort to see either of the two feature films that have been produced. Read more of this post